Christmas Vacation: More Dull Weather Ahead

December 15, 2011

I will be off tomorrow, and in fact I will be on vacation next week.  Next working day is Christmas Day for me.  No big deal since we just have a short 10pm show and I can come in once the kids are totally absorbed in their new toys and aren’t paying attention to me anyway…

Just for fun, this is the 10 day ECMWF upper-level forecast for Christmas Day.    Look at that upper-level ridge!  Hard to believe it’ll still be around…we’ll see.  Looking farther ahead, here’s the 16 day GFS ensemble 500mb height forecast valid New Year’s Eve.   It’s very smoothed of course because it’s the average of many different ensemble members, but notice the ridge is still there along the western North America coastline.


I’ll be in the area the whole time (relaxing, projects, eating etc…), so you know I’ll be looking at the maps every morning when I wake up.  It’s safe to say there will be no new post unless I see something of interest in the maps.

Merry Christmas!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

Record Dry December

December 15, 2011

We’re halfway through December, and we’ve seen all of .06″ rainfall so far here in Portland.  That’s the driest first half of the month we’ve ever seen here!

The next closest was December 1976 when the first 15 days only yielded .32″

Now discuss amongst yourselves…