Precipitation Moving In…Snow For Some

December 14, 2011

Rain and snow is moving in this evening, and some of it is falling as snow, mainly in western Washington and Yamhill counties.   With no warming southerly breezes until after midnight, there’s no reason the hills (Vernonia, Buxton, Timber etc…) couldn’t get 2″ of snow before daybreak.  It still appears to be slightly too warm for snow in the lowest elevations here in the metro area, but only a few degrees too warm.

The Columbia River Gorge still looks setup for snow this evening and overnight.   Easterly flow is weak, but it’s keeping the low level cold airmass in place.  Check out the current temps; they’ll fall a notch or two when the precipitation arrives.

The Next 12 Hours

Portland Metro:  Rain showers, mixed with snow at times…we bottom out around 35 degrees before midnight, then stay between 35-40 degrees through daybreak…No Freezing Tonight.

Coast Range and far western Washington/Columbia Counties…northern Clark/Cowlitz County hills too:  Evening snow…up to 2″ accumulation possible anywhere west of Forest Grove, Banks, and hills around St. Helens and Scappoose.  Warming a few notches towards daybreak, so roads should improve by morning commute time.

Columbia River Gorge:  Snow spreads in, sticking to I-84 east of Multnomah Falls through the night.  Up to 2″ new snow.  Then a slow melt after daybreak.  In the Corbett area and hills east of Washougal, expect freezing rain this evening above about the 500′ elevation.  Up to 1/4″ ice accumulation by midnight.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen