High Winds In The Gorge

December 9, 2011

 A peak gust of 87 mph was recorded on a hand held instrument early this afternoon up at Crown Point.   I’m on my way to Seaside for the Providence Festival of Trees out there Saturday, but I snapped this pic of the weather geeks hanging out at Vista House, clinging to the “Keely Chalmers High Heel Memorial Rail”.  The highest gust recorded on the anemometer up ON the Vista House was 72 mph; now we know it reads a bit lower than what we feel out in the “wind sweet spot” on the south steps of the structure.  Other gusts included a 67 mph at Corbett, and 55 up in Troutdale near MHCC.  TTD airport recorded a gust to 42 mph.  A good east wind event, but it’ll disappear in the next 24 hours as we go back to west wind by Sunday morning at the latest. 

Strong east wind returns at several points next week.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

New Weather Podcast Posted

December 9, 2011

We just finished a brand new Northwest Weather Podcast:

In Episode 19, we welcome our “hidden” meteorologist and Good Day Oregon Producer Jared Richardson to the show.  We talked about a pressure record, the “Once in a Decade” Santa Ana winds, and the possibility that we have infected Mars with earthly organisms.  Plus, your viewer questions and our Cities of the Week!

If you missed it, Episode 18 is our special La Nina/Winter 2011-2012 episode!  Will it snow this year?  The guys break it down.

Click on the links above to go to the site, click right here to listen to Episode 19.