Cold and Mostly Gray Day Today

December 6, 2011

Morning satellite imagery shows that the fog layer is deeper and more extensive than Monday morning.  And the easterly flow has just switched to westerly in the Gorge.  Those two factors along with the pathetically weak December sun make me think we won’t break out of the muck today.  Of course that’s mainly below 1,500′.  If you live near or above that elevation you are “in the clear” today.  I have bright sunshine here at home at 1,000′, but the fog keeps trying to poke up into my little valley here on the eastside of town. 

So for most of us the fog will just lift into low clouds that will stick around through tomorrow.   There will be SOME clearing in spots, but iff you want warmer you need to go up high.  Timberline Lodge is in the upper 40s at 10am.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen