Strong East Wind This Morning

November 2, 2011

The east wind season is definitely here! 7 millibars easterly pressure gradient from PDX to DLS has given peak gusts 35-40 mph in the Troutdale area, 62 in Corbett and 73 at Vista House this morning; a lot more than I expected.  A benefit of the drier air coming through the Gorge has been the clear skies over the metro area. No fog this morning; very nice.  Rain is still on schedule to arrive late this afternoon…quite a narrow frontal band…

On another note…some “humble pie” for me.  PDX had it’s first frost of the season this morning; November 2nd.  It got down to at least 31, the final number will be out at 11am.  Stephanie and I discussed the overnight low yesterday afternoon.  She initially had 33.  More or less I thought she was nuts and the east wind would punch through and keep PDX from dropping that far.  For example Troutdale, in the wind, only dropped to the lower 40s.  So I convinced her to go 35.  Then as the wind started at TTD and was spreading across east Portland 8-10pm, I raised the forecast to 37.  Then at 11pm I lowered it back to 35 after seeing the current temp at 38 or 39.  Picture a dog chasing his tail…  Anyway, the wind didn’t make it to PDX until after daybreak.  This was a perfect setup for a very cold night at PDX.  The east wind was going overhead, but not at the surface.  That means drier air had moved in above, keeping the fog layer extremely thin, and the dewpoint dropped as well.  There were no high clouds either.  Yes, Stephanie is the low temperature master!  Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen