Weird October Temps

We’re at the halfway point for the month; and it’s confirmed why I find it to be the most boring month of the year weatherwise (most years).

The frequent passage of weather systems and/or cloud cover has kept our temperature range quite small.  Our average temperature for the month is perfectly normal.  But daily highs have been well below average.  And overnight lows have ALL been above average.  We’ve seen no extremes, no big storms (or T’Storms), no decent period of nice weather, and rainfall has been a little above average…Dullsville.   That’s the main reason I haven’t been posting much.

The disastrous two forecast days (dry turns to rain) haven’t helped the mood much either.  A weak front sitting over the top of us has not been modeled well either in location or strength.  Models continue to show clouds breaking up and a dry weekend ahead.  We’ll see…

One item of interest is a strong easterly wind coming up Monday night through Tuesday.  A late season thermal trough develops along the Pacific Northwest coastline during that time as surface high pressure sinks down over the Rockies.  WRF-GFS shows 7-8 millibars easterly gradient across the Cascades…enough to give peak gusts around 50 mph at the west end of the Gorge like we saw a couple weeks ago.  Could be our first 70 mph at Vista House too.  This could be our last mild/warm east wind event of the year; once we get past Halloween the same high pressure will be cool and inversions set up east of the Cascades.

Enjoy the (hopefully) dry weekend!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


90 Responses to Weird October Temps

  1. Mark,

    Your weather blog is in my favorites list. I very much enjoy your weather discussion.

    I look at the sattlite (sp.) pictures, try making my own forecast and compare notes with yours. It’ fun.

    Thank you ever so much for your effort in sharing all the weather information and changes about to come.


  2. vinnybob says:

    80 in Brookings today, nice.

  3. PaulB/Eugene says:

    Looks like the first snowstorm of the season….for the NE USA… in lala land on GFS 18Z….a few days before Halloween.

    It might get to 38-40F tonight at EUG…if fog holds off…would be really surprised if it gets below 34.

    • Benjamin (West Salem) says:

      🙂 it’s getting to be that time of year when we start seeing snowstorms and arctic outbreaks in la la land. Fun to see even if they have little/no chance of panning out 🙂

  4. Tyler Mode says:

    Finally a spread of more than 20 degrees today.

  5. Tyler Mode says:

    Picked a good day for a hike! The fall colors were great and just an easterly drift beginning at Lolo Pass when I was there.

  6. W7ENK says:

    Yeah, a little warning on the rain East-side would have been nice. all last week I kept hearing about how nice and warm and sunny and dry (and crisp and cold at night) it was going to be over the weekend. I thought for sure that it would be even nice-er and sunni-er and dry-er (and crisp-er and cold-er at night) over on the rain-shadowed side of The Mountain Hood, but lo and behold, after showers and sunbreaks on Friday afternoon, it poured down rain both Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm to 3am, with constant fog and drizzle all day Saturday, and all Sunday morning. It wasn’t until we got back to Hwy 35 that we saw the sun again, and a mere 11 miles to our West there wasn’t a cloud in the sky… What the hell happened???

    At any rate, the weekend wasn’t totally ruined… the fall color was amazing… The maples made the forest look like it was on fire!

    If that link doesn’t work, then this one should.

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • PaulO says:

      Nice Pic’s!

      The coast was clear. Had two sunny days at Nehalem Bay SP with mid-upper 60’s and ligh wind.

  7. PaulB/Eugene says:

    Eugene weather trivia:

    What is the highest temperature ever recorded at EUG airport when the low was in the 30s?

    A: 90F (low was 37)
    What is the highest temperature recorded on a day when the low temp was 36 or less?

    A: 86F (low was 36)…

    What is the highest temperature ever recorded on day with low of 32 or lower:

    A: 78F (low was 31)

    Highest temp on day with low in the teens?

    A: 60F…that was Nov 1 2002

  8. Kyle says:

    Eye forgot to mention that it’s been clear most of the night with only 2 thin clouds early am with a low on my usually biased temp gauge 40F.

    It probably was colder.

    Either today or tomorrow I am going to move one of my temp gauges to the west side of the house as I’ve noticed that side got colder readings and then I can compare the difference between the north and west.

    The north side is sandwiched between the shed and the house with not much space in between which may account for biased warmth in the morning hours.

    Afternoon it does pretty good unless the sun shines at it during the summer months.

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