Vista House Wind Sensor

September 20, 2011

It looks like we are all set for the east wind season down at Vista House.  I would consider it the windiest spot you can drive to in the state of Oregon during the winter.  Check out why on a previous blog post.

If you recall last January I got together with Oregon State Parks folks and we put in a “temporary” sensor on a big block of concrete.  They bought a new Vantage Vue sensor and even though it’s now still technically “temporary”, it’s attached to the solid steel rain gutter.  A signal is sent down to the basement where a computer sends the data out to the world via CWOP. 

Up until two weeks ago the communication between the sensor and console under the building would intermittently go out.  It’s tough for the signal to penetrate that thick concrete down into the basement.  Moving it two weeks ago to the south side of the building really helped.  There has been no loss of signal in 7 days.  The direction was incorrect since we moved it (east was west and west was east…got it?).  But today I went down there with the throngs of September tourists and calibrated it.  By the way, I didn’t fit in well with the tourist crowd…most of them looked relaxed and didn’t wear a suit and tie.

The one minor disadvantage of the south side of the building is that it gets REALLY hot on a calm sunny day, but who cares…it’s up there for the windspeed.  I’m confident that on a 25 degree night with an east wind gusting to 80 mph that it’ll read the correct temperature.  Just ignore it during the daytime when the wind isn’t blowing.

You can find the data here:

Data from the 2nd windiest east wind location; about 2 miles west in Corbett is here:

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen