Back to Normal; Fall Arrives

September 12, 2011


Today is like the “hangover” day weatherwise after our 9 day stretch of temperatures in th 80s and 90s.  We had 5 days at/above 90 degrees here in Portland, which gives us a summer total of 7, still well below our average of 13, but we’ve seen lots of 88-89 degree days (close calls).  A good chunk of the time we had hazy or smoky skies too, adding to that “end of summer” feel.

But look at the change…yesterday morning at 7am it was 84 degrees at the top of the KPTV transmission tower (1,900′), this morning it’s 52!!!  That’s a huge change; all due to marine air surging inland overnight.  For the first time in a week and a half a thick marine layer is overhead.  We’ll be lucky to hit 80 today. 

Get used to 60’s and 70’s for highs this week; I think part of our 7 Day forecast is probably too warm for mid-September onshore flow too.  Oh, and if you don’t start closing your windows at night, it’s going to be really chilly by morning inside. 

Fall is Here.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen