Nice Light Show and Sprinkles This A.M.

August 26, 2011

Quite a light show to wake up to this morning 3:00-5:00am.  I was awakened by big splats of rain about 4:15am and saw almost continous lightning at times to the south and east.  Only a few rumbles here on the far eastside though.  We ALMOST were camping at Timothy Lake last night, which must have been quite a loud place early this morning…check out the almost solid yellow strikes around and just south of Mt. Hood!  Each of those “+” marks is a cloud to ground strike (or ground to cloud of course).  Here’s a much larger and close in lightning strike map for the Portland Metro Area:  Click on the map…it’s REALLY big!  But notice there was one spot in the metro area that had quite a bit of action: between Newberg and Wilsonville within a few miles of the Willamette River.

It’s interesting that the UW-WRF model showed the convection in the right place and the right time.  Here’s the 5am forecast precipitation from the 00z run last night.  It shows accumulating precipitation from 2-5am in about the right spot doesn’t it?  Our RPM model did not show any convection.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but now that has moved on and we have another warm and sunny day on tap.  That is one benefit of the very warm and humid weather; much better chance for thunderstorm activitiy.  The cooler weather returns just in time for school to start (for my kids at least) and September next week.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen