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Episode 12:

 Brian and Mark are back after taking a couple of weeks off.  This week, the guys talk about our cool summer in the Northwest and the connection to the scorching temperatures east of the Rockies.

Plus, the Perseid Meteor Shower, tennis ball-sized hail and your weather questions.

If you have a weather question you want us to answer on the podcast, call 503-548-6484.  Make sure to introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from and ask your question.

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  1. Mike near Clackamas Town Center says:

    If the 00Z Euro is anything like the GFS for Sunday/Monday Portland won’t have to worry about making to 90 degrees the rest of the summer 🙂

  2. Just mentioning this, but the 18z has 90’s Sunday – Tuesday. 00z tonight: same? cooler? hotter?

    • I’m going with cooler, but I’m still thinking upper 80s.

    • Boydo3 N. Albany 500' says:

      Looks toasty to me. Which is good and bad. We are floating the Deschutes next week for 4 days of camping and fishing. So getting wet at 90+ is good. Fishing and outflow from the White River ain’t so good. We takes what we gets.

    • I’m supposed to go Fishing up at Olallie Lake Monday, but if its in the 90’s that might be really unpleasant. That coupled with the Mosquitoes just does not sound like a nice time.

    • Yep, been there many times, Mark, but our fishing spot is in the direct sun from sunrise to maybe 6 PM. I use skin so soft to repel mosquitoes, a net over my head/face, and long sleeves. I have to because I often get bad reactions to their bites like last Summer I got a nasty infection and had to go a clinic. My right arm was swollen from my elbow, down my forearm, to my wrist.

  3. Btw, last August I had a trace of rain on 9 days. No measurable rain through the 29th. Then 0.01″ on the 30th and 0.47″ on the 31st…A dry August can go to nearly half its normal total in short order!

    Also, I should mention the high the last day of August last year was 59.8 degrees, my coldest August high in my 15 years.

  4. Has anyone seen the NCEP outlook? It really wants to shift the heat ridge west to the Great Basin and pump a nice ridge over the PNW. —> IF <— it's correct 90's are coming.

  5. Just hit 80 here for the first time since the 3rd. This is summer!

  6. Just looking at my records that go back 15 years, we have hit 90 or higher 8 out of the 15 Septembers. That’s a track record of 53%.

    We did not hit 90 last year…so if all those things are statistics teachers taught us were true…

    Also it’s 79 here, my warmest temp since the 4th.

  7. bgb41 says:

    12Z GFS @ KTTD… This is the warmest run of the whole summer for a 16-day output. Average high of 83.8 degrees

    • bgb41 says:

      From 1940-2010 (71 years), Portland has had only a Trace of rain for August just 4 times. (1955,1967,1970,1998). This latest run entertains the possibility of 2011 joining these dry years.

  8. Kyle From Silverton says:

    There is a decent thread in the Western Forums about soil affecting temps and I wonder if our wet soil and cooler SST’s are causing the on shore to be dominent.

    If this were a +PDO what would we be seeing?

  9. pappoose in scappoose says:

    Hahaah! Finally got around to listening to the last Podcast.

    Your chickens better start providing you with some eggs Mark, after all the work you’ve put in making a place for them to live and all. The next option is obviously to eat THEM!

  10. Looks like the Brooks Range up in Alaska has had their first snow. Atigun Pass reporting a snowdepth of 1″ now.

  11. bgb41 says:

    ‎44 here @ BG Lake this morning. I slept with the windows open and it got too cold. An amazing 35 degrees in Yacolt and 40 in Crawford this morning. Here is a map showing the cold lows in Clark County this morning.

  12. It’s that time again…starting to get pictures picked out/narrowed down for the 2012 calendar!

  13. pappoose in scappoose says:

    Want to see a “Super Thermal Trough”?

  14. Coolest morning of the month so far at 45.4 .

    Also, not a cloud in the sky right now! No low clouds, no high clouds!

  15. Muxpux says:

    44 is the latest reading up in castle rock, brrr

  16. Joshua in Lake Oswego says:

    What a cool morning! My thermometer is showing 48 right now.

  17. Marc (NE Vancouver) says:

    Another blown forecast…been a rough year.

    • Yes it has especially since June? I would say. This Summer reminds me of a few years ago where we saw a cool August with persistent onshore flow. The only difference is, WE are seeing this the entire Summer with a few tiny lapses where the flow turns northerly.

  18. 00z GFS backing off on any heat or amplified 500Mb pattern. Anyone surprised?

    • Jesse-Orchards says:


      3-5 days in the 90s???


    • “Going out on a limb, but it would not surprise me IF the upper air pattern develops as such.”

      Going out on a limb isn’t exactly a confident statement and in my post I said nothing for one to think I was. I spelled out clearly that we would need the trough to dig sharply offshore thus in response building an amplified ridge over us to achieve that. I am also not surprised the GFS backed off.

  19. bgb41 says:

    Just listened to the whole Podcast. Picturing Mark with a cigar and a drink relaxing lol…. That was funny Mark. Thank a bunch to both you and Brian for these pod casts.

  20. EmzinTigard says:

    Seeing my first change in some leaves on my evening walk. Excited for fall!

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