Cool Pattern Continues Through Mid August

August 10, 2011


Duane Elvin of Battle Ground sent me this picture this evening.  Hard to believe there are red tomatoes (and yellow) up there in a cooler part of Clark County.  Here’s the response Duane sent me when I asked how he got so many in such a cool spot: 

 “I started all my tomatoes inside then in green house,  and  planted them out  around Memorial day (last year wasnt till the 2nd week in june)..  Payed alot of attention to the weather and watered/fertilized (fish emulsion often)  when needed”

Apparently planting them and keeping them watered just doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe I had better stick to carrots, lettuce, and squash?

Not much going on weatherwise this week.  The marine layer thinned nicely today and will stay that way tomorrow and Friday for a major warmup all the way to…AVERAGE.  Then a significant push Saturday and Sunday drops us back into the sub-80 degree range once again. 

Looking farther ahead, models seem to be converging on some sort of significant upper-level troughing for most of next week, starting either Monday or Tuesday.  Each model is different, but this appears to be the coolest, cloudiest, and probably wettest pattern we’ve seen since mid July.  In normal years we might say this is a hint of early Fall, but it’s kind of hard to tell this year since a real warm summer pattern never kicked in.

One thing we can say with a bit of confidence now that models show no big warmup through the middle of August?  We probably won’t see a heat wave this year.  We don’t get long stretches of hot weather after mid August even in a hot year.  Sure, a few 90+ days are possible, or even a 100, but no 5 day stretches in the 95+ range.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen