A Warm Weekend; Plus Vacation Time

July 21, 2011

For those of you waiting for some real summer weather (you know, at least average temps and bright sunny skies), we have a few days of that coming up.  Onshore flow weakens dramatically overnight, so after morning clouds we should see quite a bit of sun.  The upper-level ridge centered over the eastern half of the USA briefly noses a bit closer to the West Coast over the weekend, allowing the atmosphere to warm to normal or slightly above.  The average 850mb temperature in the month of July over the Willamette Valley is about 14 degrees C.  We should see it as high as +16 later Saturday and Sunday.  Add the fact that wind flow overhead goes flat or weakly offshore both days, and we could touch 90 in spots.  It’ll be close at PDX.

Beyond that, strong onshore flow returns Monday and Tuesday.  Models still in some disagreement beyond 5-7 days, which has been the story so far this summer.  Generally it looks near or below normal temp-wise the latter half of next week.

I’ll be off for the next two weeks, not returning to work until August 8th.  I like to use up vacation time during the best weather of the year…we’ll see if that actually occurs this year.  Plus we rarely have any interesting weather…not much to miss here at work.

I’ll probably post something about a week from now or else comments shut off automatically after 10 days.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen