It’s Turning Into a Cool Summer

July 14, 2011

Quick check-in while on vacation.  A 3rd totally gray morning to wake up to today…might as well had a week off in October.

Check out the 8-14 day outlook from NCEP:

It’s more of the same, in fact the hot upper-level ridge over the middle/eastern part of the USA is locked into place and strengthens this weekend and next week.  We’ll be hearing about the severe heat wave back there over the next week I’m sure.  Hopefully not a repeat of all those 1995 deaths in Chicago though.

Hot ridge to the east means the cool trough over the West is also locked into place.  As one trough slides out and another one slides into place, the weather improves a bit (like this past weekend), but that only brings our temperatures up to average.   80-81 for a high is the average from now through mid August…the hottest time of the year here in Portland.

It IS really nice for working outside the past few days, but I’m ready to see some sun again!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen