Episode #8 Weather Podcast

June 29, 2011

It’s online here:  http://nwweatherpodcast.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/episode-8-summer-begins-record-tornadoes-and-nws-meteorologist-steve-todd/

Steph is in for Mark in this episode, while he was attending the AMS Broadcaster Conference in Oklahoma.  They talk about the start of summer, a record year for EF-5 tornadoes in America, reveal our “Cities of the Week,” and talk to Meteorologist in Charge at Portland’s National Weather Service, Steve Todd.

Larch Mountain Snow Gate Open: June 28th!

June 29, 2011

 The Larch Mountain snow gate is open.  While flying into PDX Saturday evening, I could look down and see the parking lot covered in snow, but the road appeared to be clear. Multnomah county crews cleared the snow and put up the sign that says “Road Closed by snow 10 miles ahead” just yesterday. 

Larch Mountain Road is the highest paved road in Multnomah County (up to about 4,000′), but a snow gate at the 2,600′ elevation is closed each Fall since the road is not plowed higher up during the winter.  The top is about 17 miles off of Exit 22 on I-84.  That’s maybe 50 minutes from downtown Portland.