First Weekend of “Summer”

June 3, 2011

An incredibly clear and warm day across the region today with the warm easterly flow even making it to the coastline.   And how about that bright blue sky?  Warmer temps tomorrow and Sunday mean this weekend will be our first real taste of summer this year.

Easterly pressure gradients through the Gorge and over the Cascades brought a nice downsloping wind into the metro area this afternoon.  Not a real strong wind though, and it’s lifting back up off the surface this evening.  Even with the wind going calm, it’ll be a warmer night with most of us remaining above 50 degrees overnight.

We’re primed for a good 8-10 degree jump in the temperature tomorrow due to a warming airmass overhead and total sunshine from sunrise to sunset.  That gives somewhere between 84-88 degrees across our area.  In addition, WRF-GFS cross-section shows easterly wind @ 2,000′ peaking out at 30-40 mph late tonight and early in the morning.  As a result, when that wind surfaces during the morning and midday hours tomorrow, it should be quite a bit windier than what we saw today.  Gusts 30-40 mph at the west end of the Gorge and 20-30 mph in the eastern suburbs are likely for at least a few hours before the wind dies down in the late afternoon and evening.  The easterly wind should make it to the beaches once again tomorrow;  it could hit 80 degrees in a few spots along the north coast.

Sunday is a bit more complicated due to some cloud cover coming up from the low off the California coastline.  If the clouds remain scattered and thin, we should be in the lower 80s with the leftover warm air mass but weak onshore flow.  Then a big push comes in on Monday.  Now 24 hours ago I thought we might be socked in with low clouds most of Monday, but it’s one of those “northwesterly” pushes.  Those often don’t produce solid low clouds and now models don’t seem to indicate a massive push of clouds either (like we often get when they come in from the southwest).  So I raised the high temp for Monday.

Another cold trough stops in for a couple of days Tuesday and Wednesday;  great, I work this weekend and have next Wednesday off…nice timing.  Anyway, not a whole lot of moisture with this one since it’s dropping in out of Western Canada.

Beyond that…who knows, but generally there seems to be another break with decent weather next Thursday and Friday.

Enjoy the Weekend!  I’ll be in here keeping track of those temps.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen