Three 70 degree days!

We haven’t seen that so far this year.  In fact today through Friday we’re doubling our seasonal total of 70 degree days to 6, but it’ll still be well below any other Spring lately.  Notice we’ve passed up (or fallen below) the cold spring of 2008.  That year we had an early hot spell in mid-May.

Most important, the brief warm spell, and reasonable temperatures next week, mean that we’ve broken out of the extremely chilly weather.  But that 7 Day forecast just looks “normal” for May with some above average temps and some below average.  There’s no long spell of warm weather in sight.  Long range models aren’t doing very well beyond the middle of next week either.

For tomorrow and Friday?  Two perfect May days with sunny skies all day tomorrow along with a warmer upper-level airmass means a few notches of warming.  High clouds arrive Friday afternoon, but my forecast assumes any thick cloud cover holds off until after peak heating time.  We do get very weak offshore flow Friday morning, but then it’s back to onshore flow by Friday night.  That’ll give us cooler temps Saturday.  But with no big surge of low clouds (probably) Saturday, we might just see partly cloudy skies that day.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

8 Responses to Three 70 degree days!

  1. Paul D says:

    Cooler on Saturday!! 🙂

  2. A beautiful day in the works. Low of 38.0° this morning.

  3. W7ENK says:

    I love it, but seriously, how pathetic… o_O

  4. Derek Hodges says:

    The upcoming pattern is nice because its very progressive, troughs and ridges back and forth. Should keep it from getting dull.

  5. bgb41 says:

    5/18/2011 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:77 at Rowena( 107 ft)
    Low: 52 at Blalock(280 ft)

    High:33 at HOWARD Mt Howard(8150 ft)
    Low: 21 at ANEROID LAKE #2 (7300 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 37 degrees
    Barnhart (74/37 ) (891 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    0.74″ at ELK CREEK(6576ft)

  6. Karl Bonner says:

    On to weather. Our “hottest” temp so far this year was 75 this past Friday and Saturday. A very lucky Friday the 13th!

    Notice how that is only 2 degrees warmer than Portland’s 73, also on Friday the 13th. Normally this time of year, The Dalles is quite a bit ahead of Portland in the temperature arena, and our cooler May days have in fact been quite a bit warmer than Portland’s cool days this month. But so far the warm, ridgy days haven’t given us a serious thermal advantage. Maybe that changes tomorrow and Saturday?? Mark put a 75 on the map for The Dalles tomorrow and 74 for Portland, but I’m going to wing it and say 78. It makes much more sense, especially given the moderate west winds expected tomorrow. I’m not arguing that a west wind will warm us up here. But it does mean an onshore flow, and that means Portland would need a fairly warm airmass overhead to reach 74 – the kind of airmass likely to push The Dalles close to 80.

  7. Karl Bonner says:


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