Great Saturday Ahead!

April 22, 2011

You REALLY need to get outside and enjoy the weather tomorrow for two reasons:  it’ll probably be the warmest day of the Spring so far, and it’s the only warm and sunny day in our 7 Day forecast!

Today we hit 64 degrees, actually a notch or two warmer than I expected.  The downsloping wind coming off the Cascades did the trick late this afternoon, warming the lower atmosphere nicely.

That offshore flow continues through tomorrow morning, then the wind goes calm in the afternoon.  That plus continuous sunshine is the perfect setup for maximum heating.  We kept the 70 degree high in the forecast for tomorrow.  My “magic chart” shows a high tomorrow somewhere between 68 and 74 degrees, basically in the past these conditions have produced those high temps.

As a result, I expect to spend ALL of tomorrow pulling weeds, spreading mulch, riding my bike, relaxing on the south side of the deck, and giving those little chicks and ducklings another field trip out into the garden.

Enjoy the weather!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen