One Last Rainy Day

April 14, 2011

It appears our long spell of consistently wet and snotty weather is about to come to an end.  Of course the bad news is that we have one more excessively gloomy and wet day ahead.

We broke a rainfall record today.  As of 10pm we’ve seen .74″ of rain, which breaks the old April 14th daily record of .62″.  We’re just a few tenths of an inch below our average April total rainfall right now too.  It’s quite possible that we’ll have our normal “allotment” of monthly rainfall by halftime (tomorrow).

For those of you gardeners out there, bad news for Sunday and the rest of next week.  With clear skies, a cool airmass lingering overhead, and dry conditions, that’s the perfect setup for late season frosts.  Luckily most fruit trees are just starting to bloom (if they are at all).

Next week may not be totally dry, but in general I just don’t see much rainfall…more typical for mid Spring.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

By the way, there were 3 earthquakes in SE Portland tonight too…(OMSI TO AROUND DIVISION/30TH)

8:49pm: 2.1, 10 miles under

9:26pm: 1.7, 10 miles under

9:56pm: 1.2, 10 miles under