Cold Spring Record Ahead?

March 22, 2011

After looking up all the numbers, I can confirm that we are now in 2nd place for the latest “first 60 degree temperature”  here in Portland.  Only one other year (1955) did we go beyond March 22nd with no 60 degree temp.  That year it finally hit the magic “six zero” on March 27th.  SO, if we make it beyond this Sunday without hitting it, we’ll be breaking a record similar to last year’s “latest first 80 degree temperature” in June.  Of course it’s not really a “record”, but a cold milestone to be celebrated with a warm drink, hot tub visit, or large bonfire I think.

Hopefully this isn’t just the beginning of a long and cold La Nina spring…we just did that 3 years ago, and folks are still cranky about the wet end to last spring and the chilly summer.  But that IS how we get averages…warm years even out with chillier years.  And the odds are definitely stacked towards a cooler than average spring ahead.  Luckily we don’t tend to average wetter than normal.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen