No Radiation Threat

March 17, 2011

I’ve had a few emails the last few days wondering why we aren’t talking about the “radiation threat”. 

Because there isn’t any such threat. The nice picture of today’s rainbow from Katherine Budiao should help too.

This is akin to asking why I’m not talking about the snow threat in April…because the risk of that happening is so small why talk about it and feed into anxiety?  I’m amazed that scientists and government experts (and the President) can tell us there is no threat and still the conspiracy rumors still circulate.  Of course I did watch almost every episode of X-Files, so I suppose I can understand it a bit.

Take the meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986.  Eventually the radiation was detectable around a good chunk of the northern hemisphere, but harmful radiation only was a problem a few hundred miles away.  Just so we’re all clear on this…Japan is something like 5,000 miles away! 

So let’s talk weather.  Finally a nice slowdown in the showers this afternoon and evening.  There is quite a storm sitting offshore right now, and we should get some light rain out of it tomorrow.  But the low pressure center associated with it will never come inland over us.  Over the next 5 days we’ll see a bit of a split jet with energy digging south (well offshore) and then down into California.  This means a big slowdown in the weather.  Often we get some leftover showers from the south in this pattern, thus the MAINLY DRY on our 7 Day Forecast.  I don’t see temperatures shooting through the roof, but it won’t be nearly as cool as the last couple of days.  And most important…much brighter skies Saturday through early next week.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen