55 MPH Today!

March 13, 2011

It may have only lasted 10 minutes, but this afternoon’s cold front-squall line gave us the strongest wind gust in several years at PDX.
This is the first ever blog post “via phone” since I don’t gave power here at home…I think it’ll be quite awhile to get it back too since 50,000 PGE customers are suddenly out.  Oops…maybe should have picked up gas for the generator???
As you would expect…a very short-lived, but surprisingly strong event.

Mark Nelsen…

2:45 PM: Squalls Approaching

March 13, 2011

Looks wild the next 2 hours in the Willamette Valley!  By chance I was just checking in on the radar because I wanted to work outside, and see a full-blown cold frontal squall line moving into the Valley.   Note the obvious line in the middle of the radar imagery.  It runs from near Astoria all the way out of radar range to down around Eugene.

Three big effects coming with this: 

1. Strong southwest wind gusts 40-50 mph, and they’ll probably hit suddenly, like a spring storm.

2. Sudden temperature jump…we’ve had a chilly east wind all day but temps are in the 60s right around the cold front where the warmer air aloft has mixed down.  So today may end up being the warmest so far this year…if only for an hour or two.

3.  Brief, but very intense, rainfall.

This is a classic spring cold front…enjoy the dramatic weather and we’ll hope it doesn’t get TOO wild.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen