Snow Totals: Big Mountain/Foothill Storm

If you have 1″ or more, please put your total in here.  Go ahead and keep updating totals through tomorrow morning.

1.  Total

2. Location

3. Elevation (within 500′ at least).

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  1. cap - Hood River says:

    Topped out at about 10″ Heavy wet snow fell all morning.

  2. Karl Bonner says:

    Well we managed to get a trace at 100′ in The Dalles. But Sevenmile Summit at 1800′ had about 6-9″! I took a midday trip up there and the snow out over the land was a solid blanket.

  3. SilentReader says:

    well over a foot total fell. probably 2 feet. but what is on the ground is 1 foot at 1000ft scappoose hills.

    You can hear trees snapping all day. rain started around noon. temp warmed to 37f now. still tons of snow. No power – on generator right now as I type this.

    Ya know – as much as many of you like the snow, and so do I, this gets really old quick. I like the 4-6 inches to play in. But this wet sloppy mash potato crap is no fun. wet and slick as snot.

  4. Emily Waldman says:

    Columbia Heights, Longview, WA

  5. nwmastiffs says:

    25 inch or so
    1250 ft

  6. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    The freezing level is supposed to drop on wed back down to .2k ft. Currently a 4k ft freezing level.

    • Pika-Yacolt says:

      Cgavic, About your question earlier… If you want to post a one-time photo I believe you just paste html code for the pic in your post. If you were wanting an avatar icon, I think it’s done through this site:

  7. SnowZone says:




  8. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    I went outside to shovel some of my neighbors snow off the sidewalk white hes at work.

    With the suddenly warm temps and sunshine, the leftover snow is as heavy as brick. And I have a snow shovel.

  9. william johnson says:

    I know this has nothing to do with Snow or anything but i thought i would post this . This is the first of 3 lines of thunderstorms that rolled through Astoria about a month ago . the second one seemed to have been a bit stronger than this one but was not able to get that one on video due to being in a car traveling but it had awesome lightning the storms started at 3pm and ended shortly after 7 pm first one was at 3:15 pm second one was at like 5 pm last one was at 7:10 pm the last one was just two flashes and two rumbles then it ended . the next day we had two more storms from 11:30 am lasted 25 minutes then at 1 pm lasted 15 minutes . In this video if you go to the 6 minute mark and look just to the right of the smoke stack you can actually see the bolt hit the water and then shortly after the big rumble was so big if you look carefully it made the camera shake from the boom if you see the camera go black for a few seconds just wait i did close the shutter to go to another room to reset the camera again to get a better shot you can see the flashes a few more times and few more rumbles . but for some reason couldnt get the bolts in time. Enjoy

  10. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    Once again

    11 in snow
    1,100 ft
    In 8 hours.

    Currently 39 degs and overcast, w/hint of sun

  11. 2.5″

  12. 4″ in Gates (1,000 ft)

  13. pappoose in scappoose says:

    3 inches

  14. Longview - 400 ft says:

    2 inches
    400 ft

  15. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    Million dollar question. Those commentators who have downloaded their pictures on this website….how did you do it?

    There are no features on it that show you.

    • Pika-Yacolt says:

      I’m fairly sure you convert them to html & then paste the html code for the pic or video in the post box.
      That’s what I would try first. 😉

    • Pika-Yacolt says:

      Oops did you mean to post a one time pic or an avatar icon? Sorry

  16. Pika-Yacolt says:

    Looks like the total is 9 inches here at 910 ft in Yacolt. Lost power last night- restored now Thank Heaven but was frigging cold in here this morning! Trees & big branches fell, satellite dish went out, had to climb up on the roof to clear it.. LOL (Guess I better laugh or I’m gonna cry.)

    Anybody been to town from Yacolt? Via the main road? I need to get supplies so if you have a road report I would be very grateful.. Thank you!

  17. rick says:

    Mountaindale – North Plains

  18. CaptainCrystal says:

    We have a final tally from yesterday at 10 AM with 12″ total accumulation. 870′ in Amboy WA

  19. Gidrons says:

    Just got power back

    1000 ft hills above scappoose
    Still coming down
    Can hear lots of branches and trees breaking

  20. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    It’s been Very light rain since 8 am current temp 34 degs.

    Warm air mass over sandy. Apparently

  21. Kyle in the Gorge says:

    Hi all,

    8-9″ and still snowing HARD!!!

    Stevenson, Wa

    Elev. 340′

  22. Carrie says:

    Washougal, WA

    Lots of damage to trees. Almost lost our storage shed. Power went out twice, restored about midnight last night. This storm is more damaging than the 2008-2009 storm as the snow was heavier this time.

  23. kyle says:

    Total=2 inches wet
    Location=Forest Grove
    Elevation=100 ish

  24. RobWaltemate says:

    Sunday at Radar Hill (Ele 1960 ft)
    Lat: N46 25′ 13.73″ Lon: W123 47′ 31″ NE of Naselle WA
    about 01:00 am three feet in some areas, two feet on the access road with a large layer of ice between the old and new snow.

  25. Elaine says:

    I have 6″ and still snowing hard around St Helens, and I’m only at 500′

  26. Timmy - scappoose says:

    ~2″ here so far, it’s a winter wonderland!

  27. kyle says:

    Total=2 inches
    Location=Forest Grove
    elevation= 100 ish
    Way to go Mark!!

  28. cap - Hood River says:

    8 inches (and still accumulating)
    10 miles south of Hood River
    elev: 790

  29. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    11 in
    1,100 ft

  30. helensaint says:


    200′ ST. Helens

    Still snowing hard

  31. Tracey says:

    3 inches
    Prune Hill, Camas

  32. Jane - Forest Grove says:


    Forest Grove


  33. Verboort Van Dykes says:

    ~100 ft, approx 1-2″ snow, surprise!

  34. Is there nobody up in the bald peak area who knows how much is up there? The top is around 1,700 ft and I’ve had quite a bit of fun up there in winter wonderland before!

  35. Thomas says:

    St.Helens ~90feet
    2″ of snow started last night just snowed like crazy

  36. chiefWright says:

    1.83″– of rain. All rain. All the time. Aaaaugh!
    327 ft elevation

  37. Jacob BPA-PSE says:

    1″ 31 Deg
    257′ Ridgefield

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