Midday Break, Then Evening Flurries/Freeze

The official total from the overnight/morning snow at the National Weather Service Forecast Office was a huge….0.7″  For those math-challenged, that’s about 3/4″.   Still the biggest snow of winter season…on February 24th!  And that total may rise this evening…maybe.

BUT, we have a Snow Totals posting here on the blog plus Facebook and it’s clear that official total was the low end.  Generally the inner/eastern part of the city had less than 1″.  But lots of SW, W, E, and Clark County had 1-3″ (almost everywhere else).

BETWEEN NOW & LATE AFTERNOON:  Pretty quiet.  Late winter sunbreaks, temps up around 35-37, plus just a few scattered snow showers means good driving conditions. 

THIS EVENING:  Could get messy again for two reasons:  Cold air moving through the Gorge will spread into the Metro area, freezing everything up at some point after dark.  EVERYTHING will freeze in all areas.  At the same time our models show a possible burst of snow showers.  So another Trace-1″ is possible during this time anywhere.

TONIGHT:  Hard freeze, but clearing skies…25  This means roads will be icy for GDO Friday AM, but blue skies.  Another snow day or two hour delay for lots of schools.

FRIDAY-SATURDAY:  Mostly sunny, but chilly…35-40 degree highs.


The above note is what I just sent out to our newsroom folks.  Looks like another long day today with real sparse showers and sunbreaks keeping temps above freezing at least through 4-5pm.  The good news is that the south wind is gone, gradients are now flat in the Valleys and easterly through the Columbia River Gorge.  I see the dry arctic air is moving through the Gorge this morning, and the WRF-GFS plus our RPM both show it arriving by 4pm at Troutdale and spreading through the entire Metro Area soon after dark.  That’s at the surface; above there will still be the last of the showers rotating through our region.  Models seem so be hinting (WRF-GFS and our RPM) that the colder air arriving below will give us one last lift to the showers.  So I’ll say another Trace to 1″ anywhere around sunset or just beyond before the moisture runs out.  Otherwise little/no accumulation during the daylight hours with those forecast highs around 37.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. Cherie Girod says:

    In Mill City ( which is in Oregon – just not Portland) we had 9″ of snow an it is still 27 degrees! It would be nice if we had updates on weather that included areas in Oregon outside of the Portland-Vancouver area!!!

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