Your Posts: How Much Snow This Week?

Alright, we’ve seen Bob’s forecast above (very creative!)…6″ at PDX by the time the moisture runs out Thursday night (according to most models), what do YOU think?  Time for everyone to go on record.  Leave discussion in other posts, and I’ll close this around 4pm this evening.  That gives you 5 hours to make a forecast.  I want to see three pieces of info only, nothing else:

1. Snow total from Wednesday morning to Thursday night at PDX.  For example, if we get 1″ one day and 3″ the next day that would be 4″.  We’re not talking snow depth.

2. Highest total we hear of from around 1,000′ either in the West Hills, Sandy, or Mark’s house.

3.  Coldest low temp at PDX, Coldest low temp at HIO (Hillsboro).  That would be between now and Sunday.

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128 Responses to Your Posts: How Much Snow This Week?

  1. Mark Nelsen says:

    My turn…not sure if this is what I’ll say on the late shows…waiting for 00z.

    1. 3″ @ PDX
    2. 8″ @ 1,000′
    3. 18 degrees (assuming everything works out perfectly Friday night), 15 HIO

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