A Beautiful Thing

For the hardcore geeks, check out the new 00z ECMWF surface pattern for next Friday at 4am:

I’m heading to bed, but not before I saw the new ECMWF.  It’s moved a little towards the very cold GFS (and now very cold 00z GEM).  It swings more energy out over the Pacific Wednesday and Thursday, delaying the arctic front.  But then the payoff is a deep surface low spun up off the Oregon Coast as bitterly cold arctic air finally pours in from the east.  How about that 20 millibars gradient from Yakima to North Bend (breezy Gorge?).

Just something to give us all sweet dreams, a little nightcap.  That’s all, I’ll do an extensive post tomorrow night.


1,104 Responses to A Beautiful Thing

  1. PaulB/Eugene says:

    Ecmwf good for cold and snow from EUG to BLI with 2-4 inch snow for most . Great news

  2. philinforestgrove says:

    What’s Al got to say about this?

  3. Josh (Gresham) says:

    New Post!

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