Friday Night Quick Post

February 11, 2011

I’m not working tonight, but as always I had to check in on the models and maps.  Oh, looks interesting doesn’t it?  Now the big cold snap is only…9 days away!  Baby steps, baby steps…  I don’t see snow to the lowest elevations next calendar week (Sunday-Saturday), a bit too warm, but at least a bit more action Monday and again maybe on President’s Day Weekend (8-10 days away).  There’s no way I’m jumping on the snow/cold express until I see it within at least 7 days.  It would be nice to “book end” the winter with the coldest weather at the very beginning and very end wouldn’t it?

Of course I notice the discussion in the previous post; and certain folks weren’t behaving nicely (again).  If you’re suddenly on “moderation”, I suggest you don’t drink a bunch before getting on the weather blog.  Don’t “drink and comment”  please!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen