A slow night…

January 31, 2011

Not a whole lot going on weatherwise for a 3rd calendar week.  Hard to believe February is only 1 hour away.  As I mentioned at some point during the last two weeks; our “real” winter here in the lowlands of the Pacific Northwest is late November through about mid-February.  Hmmm…that only gives us 2 weeks or so to get some sort of big frozen storm.    Not time to call off “winter” yet, but I’m getting closer.

That’s (blast of winter) clearly not going to happen in the next 7 days.  A strong ridge of high pressure is going to remain over the West Coast through at least next Monday or Tuesday (the 7th or 8th).  Beyond that…who knows.  Most models either put us into some sort of colder westerly flow or something somewhat more exciting.  But even that is beyond 8 days out and each run is different.    So enjoy the crisp sunshine.  Hopefully that Vista House sensor will get rebooted in the morning; since tomorrow should see the strongest easterly Gorge gradient of this episode. 

The airmass over us has cooled dramatically in the last 24 hours.  Check out the KPTV Tower sensor…42 at this time last night and now around 30 up there at 1,800′.  We might not get much above 40 degrees in a good chunk of the Metro area tomorrow.  Spots near the Gorge will hover in the 30s all or most of the day tomorrow.  Combine that with the wind and it’ll be our coldest weather in a month.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen