April in January; A Very Warm Day For Some

Today was a fabulous late January day across the region; definitely a case of Spring Fever for those of you able to experience it.  Many areas saw temps up in the March or early April range. 

At the beaches, temps 60-70 degrees.  Newport and Tillamook hit 66, Lincoln City 65.  In the Willamette Valley:  the inversion broke late this afternoon except in the north part.  Salem jumped to 57, Eugene 62, and two different RAWS sites between 500-1000′ on the east side of the Valley hit 66.  In the Cascades and Cascade Foothills:  67 degrees at Horse Creek (3400′), 66 at 1,100′ near Estacada, 60 at Brightwood, 61 at Corbett, and 62 near the Larch Correction Facility in Clark County (1,200′).  A real scorcher above 500-1000′ in general by January standards.

Much cooler tomorrow with a cold front and “onshore” flow developing soon after sunrise.  Mesoscale models show a real nice surge of solid cloud cover and some showers as the day goes on.  So tomorrow and Saturday will be quite gloomy and drippy, but no significant rainfall.

Looking ahead…I think we actually have some mildly interesting changes coming up; we’re talking baby steps here folks.

1. Models have changed a bit the last 24 hours for Sunday through the middle of next week.  An arctic high plunging down through the middle of the country comes a bit closer to us, shoving colder and drier air south east of the Cascades later Sunday and Monday.  Then a strong upper-level ridge moves directly overhead, capping the cool and dry air in the lowlands the rest of the week.  This change means that instead of more fog/sun and mild temps, we’ll likely see cool, sunny (little/no fog), and windy conditions starting Monday.  I actually like the crisp and cool weather better than rain.  But it’ll be strange to have a 2nd week with little/no rainfall.

2.  Some models have had some slight retrogression to the persistent Western Ridge & Eastern Trough pattern.  Some push the ridge a bit farther west, allowing cooler air in from the north, but other runs say no…more of the same.  The 12z & 18z GFS still have little or no rainfall through the 16 day period.  If that’s the case, then winter here in the lowlands is toast.  But all it’ll take is a little retrogression-action and we’ll be back in the “winter business”.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

389 Responses to April in January; A Very Warm Day For Some

  1. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    12Z WRF is a bit colder than previous runs and stronger PDX-DLS gradient too.

  2. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    33 degs and spots of ice this morning

  3. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:


    Here we go again.

    12Z MM5-NAM is ridiculously cold with very strong, possibly an east wind/downslope storm.

    And as the past 2 days have shown I am sure the WRF will cut the cold/gradients in half.

    A 1050mb high over the Columbia Basin? …. C’mon.

    • Mike (Orchards 255') says:

      Latest BUFR Sounding is showing sustained east winds of 35-40 mph just above the surface. Might be something to watch……I like!

      Foggy 39° currently..

  4. Ben Randall says:

    maybe ……


  5. Josh "The Snowman" From Everett, WA says:

    I think that Karl and Andrew complain is because it kills them they could never get a woman like this.

    Meanwhile, we just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

    And, yes, I am very aware that women lurk on the site. They can feel free to post whatever they want, I don’t care.

    • Josh "The Snowman" From Everett, WA says:

      *the reason*

      And let me preface that by saying I am sorry if I offended anyone but these women are beautiful and they are weather-related.

      It’s a win-win for everyone so quit complaining ya prudes!!!

    • Andrew Johnson says:

      LMAO. I didn’t really complain, and I wasn’t personally offended. I just said I hope it doesn’t become commonplace as it is a bit juvenile. As it was, it was mildly funny. Just seems like something people could get a little carried away with.

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