The First Live Local Wedding Center

January 24, 2011

I never thought the FOX12 Weather Center would turn into such a hot spot, a romantic getaway, a place where co-workers come in and scream about rings.   But apparently women (and men) are attracted to us weather types.  Within the last 6 months I’ve been told “I’m getting married” by 3 of my 5 co-workers.  Andy and I are still married (to our wives) and that’s not changing.  But yes, lots of disappointment by singles all over the metro area as you hear that Sophie, Brian, and Stephanie are all getting married within the next 6-8 months.  In fact two are getting hitched up the same day!  Not sure how that happened or what’s in the water around here.  I’m no matchmaker named Yenta for sure.  I can’t say enough good words about the three of them too.  They are wonderful coworkers and great people; they’ll do just fine in the future.  Congratulations!

Now, as for weather…there’s hardly anything to talk about.  A nice inversion the next few days.  Enough east wind to clear out the fog for most of the Metro area Wednesday-Friday, but otherwise it appears the mild and mainly dry January weather is going to continue into early February.  Maps are real boring through at least the next 7 days…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen