Mild January Continues…

January 21, 2011

Another two days and I see very little to talk about on the maps.  Incredibly dull weather is likely the next 7-10 days in the Pacific Northwest.  A large blocking ridge sits near the West Coast through the period with little to no precipitation.  Yes, this pattern is very similar to what we see in El Nino winters, not La Nina.  This is going to end up being one strange winter!

There is only1 thing I see that could be interesting next week.  Maybe lots of east wind if the upper ridge has the right orientation.   A very strong inversion forms by midweek.   Check out 850mb temps in the +10 to +15 deg range.  That’s highs around 60-65 in the Cascade foothills.  I can guarantee you won’t see 60 with an east wind in January here in the Valleys…more likely 45-55 in the cool low-level air.  That squeezes the easterly flow through the Gorge down very low.  By the way, the Crown Pt. sensor has a fresh battery, and is somewhat working again today.  But obviously the signal is still having trouble with the concrete.  It looks fine after getting beat up with 80-100mph wind though.  Rumor says there might be a brand new, more permanent sensor with a solid signal before winter is out…we’ll see.  That would be nice…I’ll keep you updated.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen