A Day Off; Cold Weather Still Coming

January 7, 2011

24 hours of model riding…and we’re still on the horse.  Pick a model run in the last day; you’ll find one that will support a major snow/ice storm in the Portland Metro Area or a brief snow/ice event that then transitions to rain.  As of this evening the cold/snow/ice solution is winning again.  Timing is still almost the same…next Wednesday appears to be the “action” day.  The 00z GFS keeps things going through Thursday with a much juicier wave and cold air holding in longer.

Today is a day off for me;  in fact I don’t work again until Sunday afternoon, but just had to chime in.  In general we are still set for a “high-impact” snow/ice storm somewhere between Eugene and Seattle the middle of next week.  I like the 20-25″ of snow in just 24  hours the WRF-GFS generates Thursday.  Now THAT would be a storm for the record books! 

That’s all…time to catch up on some sleep.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen