2010 Year End Stats

Tyler Mode suggested we have a year-end stats post…of course a good idea since it appears no more precipitation will fall in the next 30 hours or so.

How about this:

1. Location

2. Rainfall for 2010

3. Extreme High/Low

4.  Anything else you want to add.


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  1. Robert in Hazel Dell says:

    1. Location = Hazel Dell, WA
    2. Rainfall = 46.70″ Calendar Year/42.01″ Rain Year (Oct. 2009 – Sept. 2010)
    3. Lows/Highs:
    Pressure: 28.96″ (Jan. 21)/30.70″ (Nov. 12)
    Temp: 15.9F (Nov. 24)/100.0F (Aug. 15)
    Windspeed: 39.5mph (Apr. 5)
    Windchill: -0.40F (Nov. 23)
    Dewpoint: -11.30F (Jan. 12)/67.60F (Sept. 27)

  2. Tyler in Battle Ground says:

    1) Vancouver

    2) 46.27″ (117% of normal)

    3)96.8, July 8th
    14.1, November 24th

    4) Peak Wind: SSE 41, January 18th

    Pressure ranged from 28.94″ (January 20th+21st) to 30.71″ on November 12th.

    Temp ended at +0.7 degrees from normal.

    224 cloudy days
    233 days with at least a trace of precip
    Just 18 days with temps below 32.

    Since 1996—-

    567.21″ of precip has fallen
    98.62″ of snow
    Range of temps: 98

    7.2 on February 2nd, 1996
    105.2 on July 29th, 2009

    I have so many more….

  3. Boydotwo221' says:

    Albany Or. 49.51″ Total Rainfall.
    HIGH TEMP. 96 degrees on 8-14.
    LOW TEMP. 25 degrees on 11-24. Strange weather year in Albany.

    January was the 3rd warmest on record. Not one freezing temperature recorded here for the month. There was also a very intense/short duration wind event here, 41 mph winds with a Barometer reading of 28.99″.

    April had a record 25 days WITH measureable precipitation (record).

    Flooding in June (local park and Golf Course under water).

  4. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    30 degs and east wind developing. L
    Took a drive up to shorty’s corner and back down the back road to langesand Ed. Snow depth appeared to be 6 to 8 inches

    East wind has begun to blow at the 1,100 ft level. I say that elev because it’s not blowing in sandy.

  5. WEATHERDAN says:

    For South Salem in 2010 Max 101 on 8,14 Min 19 on 11,24 100’s – 1, 90’s – 17, 80’s – 55, 70’s – 117 60’s – 208. Rainfall 45.71 inches. Lowest barometric pressure 28.88 on January 20th. Highest winds 55mph from the south on January 18th.
    January Max 58-Min 34, February Max 63-Min 25

    March Max 69- Min 30, April 72-Min 34, May Max

    80-Min 36, June Max 84-Min 44, July Max 98- Min 46,

    Aug Max 101-Min 47, September Max 91-Min 45

    , October Max 81-Min 34, November Max 74-Min 19

    , December Max 61-Min 27.

  6. bgb41 says:

    Here is a yearly rainfall summary I put together this morning of 110 stations across the Western United States


  7. Sifton says:

    Heres a stat, 2010; WORST SUMMER EVER!!

  8. W7ENK says:

    [Milwaukie] 2010 Stats (June 1 – Dec 31)
    Max High: 100.9°F on 15 Aug.
    Min Low: 14.2°F on 24 Nov.
    Total rain: 28.31″
    Wettest day: 1.95″ on 24 Oct.
    Total snowfall: Ø

  9. bgb41 says:

    1. Battle Ground Lake (0.6 Miles East)

    2. 63.98″

    3. High: 98.3° on Aug 15th
    Low: 14.5° on Nov 24th

    *191 days with measurable rain
    *2.1″ of snow fell in 2010

    Too see my detailed climate summaries from 2006-2010, see the below link:


  10. Cgavic sandy Oregon 1,100 ft says:

    Since I don’t have weather station yet, all I can recall is a windy 2010. Extreme east wind and extreme south/southwest wind.

  11. Scappoose Lowlands
    Hi 100 July 8
    Lo 15 November 24
    Rainfall 53.77″

  12. On my home weather station 2010:
    Hi temp: 92.1F
    lo temp: 14.4F
    Precip: 50.19″
    Hi wind gust: 52 mph WSW (anemometer was down for the first 2/3 of the year, but I dont recall any big wind events during that time)

  13. wendy-silverlake,WA says:

    I just reset the thermometer. I don’t know dates, but my high was 97.6 and the low was 6.1. My rain gauge has been full of fir needles all year, so don’t have a clue what the rainfall was.

  14. Karl Bonner says:

    The Dalles Municipal Airport in Dallesport, WA:

    Precip: 15.40 in. (only slightly above average of 14″)
    Hottest: 105F on Aug. 17 (pretty typical for The Dalles)
    Coldest: 10F on Nov. 23 & 24 (unseasonable but very normal if you ignore the calendar date)

    Although the year wasn’t unusually wet as a whole, the months of May and June were. And that caused an unusually green landscape at a time when we should have been mostly browned out.

    December was quite wet, about 40-50% above average. A lot of the recent rain will get sequestered now as the soil freezes this weekend. If this is followed by another bout of very rainy weather in mid-January, soil moisture levels will end up very high going into the second half of winter. Then if the temperature moderates and we get a relatively warm week or so (highs upper 40s/low 50s?), the hillsides should become quite green. They’re already showing a hint of the faint wintry green caused by very short and slow-growing grasses, though late winter can get pretty lush if it’s mild and damp enough.

  15. chiefWright says:

    CoCoRaHS OR-CC-25
    Latitude 45.0787
    Longitude -122.6625
    Elevation 327 ft.
    1.5 mi ENE of Marquam OR

    2010 summary (assuming nothing changes tomorrow):
    Total Precip: 47.53″ (4 days missing)
    Max daily precip: 1.54″ on 18 Nov.
    Total Snowfall: 0″
    Max daily snowfall: Don’t I wish.
    Max high temp: Friggin’ hot one day last summer.
    Min low temp: Friggin’ cold one day last winter.

    Measurement systems:
    Precip: 0.01″x11″ eyeball read rainguage.
    Snow: 0.1″x12″ eyeball read metal ruler.
    Temperature: Subjective.

  16. W7ENK says:

    I’ll post my numbers here tomorrow (the 1st) after midnight, because I’m anal like that… o_O

  17. 2.5 Miles East of Dole Valley, Washington (elev 1250) above King Creek.

    2010 Rainfall total: 114.3″
    2010 Snowfall: 17.5″
    Highest Temp: 90 on 08-15
    Lowest Temp: 4 on 11-24

    My 2010 precip. is 114.3” We had 17.5” of snow. Our hi temp. was 90 on Aug. 15 and our low was 04 on Nov.24. I don’t think they close the gate on Rawson Rd, except if they are going to plow snow.

  18. RobWaltemate says:

    Location: NE of Long Beach (N46 25′ 17″ W124 1′ 22″)
    Rain for calander year 2010: 72.78
    High 89 Aug 14th 13:15 Low 20 Nov 24th 01:10
    Highest wind gust 45 mph Jan 18th
    Dominate wind this year West
    Days with .01″ of rain or more 212
    0.10″ 141 days
    1″ 20 days
    Mean Max temp 58.3 Mean Min temp 44.7
    Average departure from normal temp +0.6 F

    One last thing… summer sucked this year! Hahaha.

  19. Burnt Bridge Creek (Orchards 255′)..

    Highest 95.9..August 14th.
    Lowest 14.3..November 24th

    Rainfall 50.76″..24hr max total 1.58″ Oct 24th

    Highest wind gust..ESE 40mph December 18th

    Davis VPro 2 with WL software.

  20. ChiefBlackcloud says:

    Scappoose Lowlands
    Hi 100 July 8
    Lo 15 November 24
    Rainfall 53.77″

  21. oregonalex says:

    Rock Creek, Portland – Hillsboro Elev. 240 ft

    Rainfall: 48.89″ (10.70″ above normal)
    High: 97.3F (Jul 8)
    Low: 14.6F (Nov 24)

    • oregonalex says:

      The high temp was on July 8
      (The website took the 8 with a parenthesis as a smiley.)

      Max wind gust: 32 mph (Jan 18 )

  22. 1. My place in Sweet Home:

    2. 53.83″

    3. 99.2° / 24.2°

    4. 48.8mph for max wind gust

  23. Southwest Troutdale(next to Reynolds High School)

    Max High Temp: 97
    Min Low Temp: 17
    Rain: 45.13″

    High Wind: 46 mph

    Recorded on a Davis Vantage pro II

  24. Andrew Johnson says:

    Silverton, OR the local weather station at 259′

    Max Temp – 101 on 8/14
    Min Temp – 14 on 11/24
    Precip – 57.21″

  25. 1. se portland – http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=KORPORTL110

    2. 45.52

    3. Maximum temperature 99.5°F on day 08 at time 16:41 month 7

    Minimum temperature 15.6°F on day 24 at time 03:51 month 11

  26. ShawninSalem says:

    South Salem Hills 500 feet elevation

    Max temp 97.0F on 8/14
    Min Temp 19.4F On 11/24
    Calendar year rain total 60.86″ (11.75″ This month)

    Weather Staion used is a Davis Vantage pro II

  27. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    I don’t have any data. The only thing I want to add is let’s have a great 2011 and on the blog as well.

    • Mark says:

      Rob, you’ve mentioned several times some of the long-range models, and I’ve take a gander or two. That high needs to make some progress, but the overall pattern turns colder once again.

      Any thoughts on when the local kids are going to have to start pushing this into their forecasts?… I see a lot of hedging going on with the 44/35, 44/35, 44/35 game.

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