A Cold New Year

December 30, 2010

Temps have dropped like the proverbial rock tonight…PDX had it’s coldest December temp (way overdue) of 28 this morning, then dropped to 26 briefly this evening before a patch of low clouds moved in around 10pm.  I’m confident they’ll pass on and PDX should be in the mid 20s around daybreak.

Easterly pressure gradient just now picking up through the Gorge as a surge of drier and colder air arrived at the east end a few hours ago.  East wind starts blowing in the usual spots the next few hours, then spreads out into most of the Metro area by midday Friday.  The result is actually WARMER afternoon temps the next few days due to better mixing.   Today we had a thin layer of cold air held in by the low clouds; thus the highs only right around freezing.  The east wind is only breezy out in Corbett and the hills above Washougal right now, but it should be cranking the rest of the weekend, and until further notice for that matter.  Split flow or ridging or the Pacific Northwest is going to be dominant through the middle of next week.  Except for the wind and chilly temps, I don’t see any real interesting weather through at least Tuesday.

Just for fun…anyone notice today’s record low maximum?  On this date in 1968 the HIGH temperature at PDX was 14 degrees…the coldest high temperature ever recorded at that location.  The low was 8, it snowed lightly all day, and the east wind was raging.  Can you imagine?  I wasn’t around, in fact I was somewhere between conception and birth.  My parents have mentioned over the years the harsh winter that year that ruined so many fruit trees on their Hood River farm.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.  I’ll be back at work Monday.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

2010 Year End Stats

December 30, 2010

Tyler Mode suggested we have a year-end stats post…of course a good idea since it appears no more precipitation will fall in the next 30 hours or so.

How about this:

1. Location

2. Rainfall for 2010

3. Extreme High/Low

4.  Anything else you want to add.