Flurry Storm Wrap Up

December 19, 2010

That worked out pretty well late this afternoon and evening. 

1. Colder than what we had on Saturday morning.  Temps bottomed out at 33/33/34 at TTD/PDX/HIO.  Those temps were 2-4 degrees colder this time around.  Tower temps showed 31 or 32 all the way down to the top of the West Hills.  Seems like the sticking snow was confined closer to the Columbia River and the Gorge.  I was in “upper” Troutdale and everything was white for about 2 hours.

2.  Far less precipitation this time around.  The combination of the colder temps and more precipitation could have easily given a widespread 1-3″ this evening. So in this case precipitation intensity just wasn’t as impressive.

Studded tires are now on; wife is happier.  And good because road is snow-covered above about the 500′ elevation just east of Troutdale.  Maybe 1.5″ at 1,000′ this evening out here.


1pm Update

December 19, 2010

Still looks good for a brief bout of rain/snow mixed or all snow here in the Metro area around sunset or just beyond.  By “brief”, I mean a couple hours or so.  East wind is cranking through the Gorge, gusting to 55mph at 12:11pm in Corbett.  Dewpoints are down in the 20’s or around 30 eastside of town too.  This setup is just maybe 1-2 degrees colder than what we had yesterday morning, but the actual airmass coming out of the Gorge is a few notches colder as well.  I think sticking snow is more likely (at least briefly) near the Gorge.  So I’ll go ahead and predict PDX bottoms out at 35 degrees with evaporational cooling, same at HIO, and 33 at TTD.  Enough to get a dusting in a few more spots, maybe an inch or so at the top of the West Hills. 

Precipitation is moving in a bit more quickly than forecast too.  Looks like it’s just about to Salem. 

If you’re worried about driving, don’t drive after 5pm just to be safe.  But it appears to me any road issues would only be the side roads up on the top of the West Hills and maybe higher Camas, Troutdale, and Gresham areas.  or anywhere else closer to 1,000′.  No matter what happens, it’s mainly gone sometime after 8pm.

I won’t have access to the blog between now and 8pm or so.  Don’t laugh, but I decided that NOW would be the time to finally get the studs put on, and some Christmas shopping too.  So if your comment doesn’t get in…well, you’re out of luck until I get back. 

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen