Warm and Wet

December 9, 2010

As I mentioned in last night’s post, our RPM model showed rain sitting right over the top of us for a good chunk of the day.  It did pretty well didn’t it?  As of 6pm, a record rainfall for the day at PDX: 1.38″!  A classic very wet December day.  And mild too.  Today was the warmest day in 3+ weeks here in Portland.  Our 2 1/2 weeks of cooler than average weather dominated by cool easterly flow through the Gorge is finished, at least for a week or so.

Looks like all of the Metro area has 1.25-1.50″ for the calendar day.  A good chunk of that falling quickly in the mid-late afternoon caused localized flooding, obviously not a huge deal, but a really yucky commute.  Radar shows the heavy rain is heading to the east now, and we still see drier conditions for at least the 2nd half of Friday.

A real soaker coming up Saturday and early Sunday, no change there, but right now it still appears the brunt of the rain is headed into Western Washington on Sunday.  So most (or all) of our rivers should avoid any issues with flooding.

I’m off today and tomorrow, in exchange for working this coming weekend.  Probably could have found a better weather day to take off?

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen