Lots of Rain

December 8, 2010

 Check out this graphic…a 72 hour forecast rain total from the WRF-GFS.  It ends Monday afternoon.  Note areas of 5″+ rainfall from the extreme North Oregon Cascades up into Western Washington.  Generally when I see this I expect some sort of flooding coming up for someone between Vancouver BC and Eugene.  Now models aren’t agreeing yet on where the heaviest rainfall will be, but this evening’s models are pushing most of it north of us.  That would keep a flood event up north and just push our rivers to the highest so far this wet season.  The best description might be that a firehose of tropical moisture is aimed at the Pacific Northwest this weekend, but exactly where it will be pointed is still up in the air.  Something to keep an eye on!

Our RPM model shows a line of steady rain developing almost right overhead from daybreak tomorrow through early afternoon.  If so it’s going to be a real soaker.  We’ll see how accurately it handles things.

A bit behind tonight so that’s it….Mark Nelsen