On to Slower Weather

Things worked out well the last 24 hours forecast-wise.  Strong wind at the coast but not damaging…most gusts in the 50-60 mph range at best.  Plenty of snow in the mountains, actually a bit more.  Looks like 12-18″ will be the storm total up there.  A good dump of snow in the central and eastern Gorge too.  5″ or so in Cascade Locks/Stevenson area and 6-8″ in the Hood River Valley.  I haven’t heard how much fell up in the Upper Valley in the Parkdale area, but I bet it was in the 8-10″ range at least.  And finally, some freezing rain at the west end of the Gorge above about the 700′ elevation.  I drove through this at 1pm today east of Crown Pt. (the picture above).  Thickest accumulation was about 1/2″.  BUT, with the easterly gradient down to less than 2 millibars through the Gorge this evening, the cold air layer is now less than 1,000′ thick.  I see the temp at my home has jumped to 43 degrees…warmest in about 10 days.

Looking ahead…it’s dullsville through the next 5-6 days west of the Cascades.  Some cool easterly wind Saturday-Monday; pray it’s enough to keep the fog at bay.  Those of you down the Valley can expect lots of fog this weekend.  Clear areas should all see lows in the 20s though.  East of the Cascades a very nice snowy system moves northeast on Thursday.  Another round of snow in the Blues/Wallowas, and John Day/Burns areas too.

Models all point to a renewed and very wet Pacific Jet Stream getting established again about 7 days from now.  Maybe we can get some REALLY windy systems…after all…it will be early-mid December!

I recorded a half hour segment on weather and the outdoors for the folks over at Keene HybridLife Radio today.  It’ll be on at 1pm Wednesday (tomorrow) streaming over the Internet. at the link I just highlighted.  I answered lots of questions about searching for signs in the sky, weather myths (a pig gathering wood means rain???), and even successfully navigated a surprise global warming question.  Those were good times on a gloomy Tuesday morning.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

14 Responses to On to Slower Weather

  1. washington observer says:

    Happy Birthday to the Weather Blog.
    13″ of snow here in Glenwood before it started to lightly rain. Down to about 10″ now. 32 deg with fog. Snow is still clinging to the trees.

  2. the salmon killer says:

    hey mark, what are the chances of that giving me snow on thursday? i mean, is it too far east, too warm here? remember, im in Redmond now. Thanks

  3. Tyler in Hazel Dell says:

    PDX where the wind makes all the difference. Up 8 degrees in one hour, and back down 5 degrees the next


  4. Karl Bonner says:

    The Dalles got royally cheated on the snow; only a dusting last night. Hope we can squeeze something out of the upcoming Thu/Fri storm.

  5. W7ENK says:

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    Shhhhh, I’m listening to the crickets! :mrgreen:

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  6. sds says:


    What’s with the combined radar picture from UW that Cliff Mass talks about on his Sat. Blog. Is that better than what we get from the NWS here at PDX?

  7. bgb41 says:

    Well I stare at it all day. 30 more minutes won’t hurt. LOL

  8. dmeier says:


  9. bgb41 says:

    I will have to watch that tomorrow at 1pm, Thank You Mark.

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