A Slow Night

November 11, 2010

Tonight was one of the few nights in which I could find very little to talk about or even get interested in weatherwise.  The only interesting weather in the forecast is way out at Day 7 or 8 (next Friday or beyond), and this weekend looks REALLY gloomy. 

So I spent 45 minutes tweaking some place names and beefing up the current temp graphics (Heisson is on the map!).  In the last couple weeks our vendor WSI has given us access to auto-plots of MADIS data.  That’s the same thing as Mesowest data.  So I can finally show all those temps instead of just the airports.  I want it working just right for when we have a snow or ice storm and now would seem to be the appropriate time to get that working instead of 3 days before a storm don’t you think?  Unfortunately when you have 4 home weather stations named “Vancouver”, that looks bad on TV.  So you’ve got to get into configuration files and fix all sorts of things.  Satisfying work, but a real pain.

Other than that…well, the ECMWF is coming out right now, I can only see through 150 hours..so I’ll give my thoughts on long range maps around 10:55pm.

11pm Update:

The ECMWF through 240 hours has definitely moved a bit more towards the GFS this evening.  But neither model or the new 00z Canadian model for that matter, shows snow below the 2,000-3,000′ level through Day 10 (next Saturday/Sunday).  The big picture DOES still show lots more action and wet/cool weather beginning midweek for sure.  I don’t see a setup for either an arctic blast or snow for now through at least November 20th.  No need to worry about snow tires yet.  I’m sure not putting mine on until I see something within the 8-10 day period.  Beyond our current 10 day maps…who knows! 

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen