70 Degrees Today?

November 3, 2010

I see some forecasts for 70 degrees at PDX this afternoon.  We are saying 68 at FOX-12.  The record for the day is 73 degrees, but that implies it’s not too tough to get to 70 in November.  Definitely not true…we’ve only made it to 70 degrees 3 times in the past 70 years here!

I’m confident that the warm atmosphere overhead along with dry easterly flow (dewpoints in 30s this morning) will push us up to at least 65 degrees, but that 70 will be a tough number to hit in the areas where the Gorge outflow is blowing.  A ton of mixing and maybe slightly too cool in the lowest atmosphere?  It’s 41 at The Dalles this morning, and that’s the direction the air is coming from.  If it was just a Gorge wind this morning we’d have a tough time getting above 60, but as mentioned in last night’s post, we still have a downslope event ongoing that’s keeping us real mild.  Check out Larch Mtn. Washington!  71 mph gust earlier this morning;  unusually high for that location.  The downsloping part of the east wind should go away today and we’ll be left with just the usual Gorge easterly wind.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen