Lots of Weather Action!

October 21, 2010

Here’s the 8-14 day 500mb height forecast and anomaly from CPC.  You can see the troughing forecast to persist off the West Coast and strong jet stream aimed towards us…looks wet!  In fact I see the 00z GFS has pretty much destroyed any chance of a several-day dry spell.  Our wording “Rainy Season Begins” on the 7 Day forecast the first part of this week seems to be correct at this point.

Tonight’s system is pathetic, tomorrow night’s should be quite a bit juicier, and Saturday night’s the strongest.  In the last 24 hours models have backed off on the position of the strong low Saturday night and Sunday morning.  It’s now projected to be a bit farther northwest, but still very deep…955-960 millibars.  That’s respectable even in mid-winter.  Now if we could just get one of those say, on a line from Astoria to Yakima???  A statement I probably wouldn’t repeat on-air I suppose.

Snow levels still drop Monday and Tuesday for some snow in the passes.

By the way, we’ve dropped the old Typepad weather blog.  We started that in late November 2005.  In fact the very first few posts are here on this blog if you go back to that month.  But there’s no reason to be paying for both.  We changed over to WordPress about 18 months ago and I’ve transferred most of the old posts.  Some did not make it; it was a REAL pain to get that info over here.  Unfortunately I see a good chunk of December 2008 didn’t make it.  Couldn’t it have been a July???

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen