One More Spectacular Day

October 19, 2010

Today was the best so far during this sunny period in my opinion.  A cool start, but then a noticeably warmer afternoon.  Looks like the western suburbs were warmest with highs into the lower 70s.  Tomorrow should be just a few notches higher since easterly flow is increasing pretty quickly this evening plus the atmosphere overhead will warm up too.

Not much change in the rest of the 7 Day forecast; lots of action beyond Friday.  I don’t see any real strong storms coming through, but still a good slug of rain with a cold front sometime between late Saturday and Sunday afternoon. 

Snow levels are still on tap to drop down below 4,000′ Sunday evening or night.  It’ll be the first snow of the season at the passes.  I checked the records and see Government Camp gets snow in October about every other year.  Last year was a big one with an early start to the wet season…19″ that month.  Snowiest October up there since 1991.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen