Sunshine Continues…

October 18, 2010

What a great sunset!…I got a bunch of pictures from viewers tonight…this one from the Turner area southeast of Salem.  It’s been an incredible stretch of weather the last week with some really nice sunrises and sunsets.

I have relatives in town from Hawaii (you can probably take a wild guess that’s not where I’m from), and apparently they have hit the jackpot weatherwise;  a good 7-10 days of mostly sunny weather that began last Tuesday and continues through this coming Thursday.  We’ve been lucky to have just enough offshore flow and low enough dewpoints to keep the fog at bay. 

The lack of fog (for more than a few hours in localized spots at least) continues through Thursday since we’ll get increasing offshore or easterly flow tomorrow and Wednesday.  In fact for those two days the flow goes easterly at all levels below 5,000′ except here at the surface.  That should give us some warming…we’re playing it pretty conservative here with 68 the next two days, but it could easily be in the 70-73 degree range if easterly wind were to actually surface at PDX either tomorrow or Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday should be cooler as we lose the offshore flow.

The really BIG story is the well-advertised change coming up this weekend.  Models have been showing this for a few days…the beginning of the rainy season.  By that phrase I mean that we are done with many consecutive dry days and warm (65-75) temps.  Sure enough, when you look through the maps for the next 7-10 days there is no dry period after Thursday.  Now most years it happens somewhere between mid-October and mid-November.  Last year it was wet from mid-October onward.   This year it should be right on time.

So get anything done in the garden, painting, gutters, etc…that you don’t want to do during a November dry spell;  which usually tends to be quite a bit cooler.

As for details on the weekend weather…I don’t see a big windstorm, but a rainy and windy weekend.  Models are all over the place with low pressure depth and placement.  The trend on the GFS the last few runs is to bring heavier rain farther south right on into Oregon.  But it’s only Monday…we’ll see.

For the skiers and snowboarders;  the snow level stays high until Monday and Tuesday when it plummets below 4,000′ for the first time this season.  Winter is almost here in the Cascades.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen