One More Sunny Day

October 5, 2010

If you liked today you should really love tomorrow.  When we think of Fall here in the Pacific Northwest I think today and tomorrow are pretty much it.  Of course I’m referring to SUNNY Fall weather, not the sloppy, cloudy, and cool Fall weather that’s a bit more typical.  Highs today close to 70, then the mid 70s coming up for Wednesday as we add in another round (for 1 day) of offshore flow.  Last Thursday a similar pattern, with a warmer atmosphere overhead, got us into the mid 80s.  So expect a perfect day at the Oregon Coast too.

Quite a dramatic change in store for Thursday.  I think we’re hanging out on a limb with our 7 Day forecast.  Thursday forecast;  cloudy and dramatically cooler.  I see other forecasts are talking up the sun still.  But the weather pattern looks VERY similar to last Friday with a southerly surge up the Coastline tomorrow night (20-25 kt. south wind!)  along with stratus surging inland by Thursday morning.  Sound familiar?

Beyond that, Friday should be real quiet as we wait for a strong front to approach from the west.

Wet is the BIG word for the weekend.  We have a visit from a North Pacific Frontal Family, including:  a warm front, a cold front, and two deep low pressure areas making landfall up around the Queen Charlotte Islands.  It looks real juicy, so don’t make any outdoor plans.   Then back to drier weather the early part of next week…

The picture up above is from Tyler Mode.  Lost Lake up by Mt. Hood.  The Vine Maples are changing color up there, but they aren’t yet at my house…the best lowland color is around the 3rd week of October in the Metro Area most years.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen