Feels Like October Now

October 4, 2010

Between having the coldest low temperature since early June here in Portland and the coolest high temperature since June 20th…it really felt like October today.  I suppose the mostly cloudy skies and mid-afternoon line of showers moving through added to the mood too.

Not a whole lot of exciting weather in general the next 7+ days.  Not a big surprise considering September and October probably have the deadest weather of the year.  Sure, July and August have little or no frontal action, but at least you get some extreme heat waves.  But this time of year?  Unless we get a (extremely rare) October windstorm, there are no extreme events generally during this period.  No snow, strong wind, flooding rains, extreme cold or heat.  Dead, dead, dead.  I know some people love this time of year due to the anticipation of the stormy season starting around early November.  But I prefer to just assume it’ll be dead until Halloween.  That way I don’t get bored waiting.

We do have a much brighter couple of days on the way for tomorrow and Wednesday…should be nice with plenty of sunshine after chilly mornings.  We get light offshore flow later tomorrow through Wednesday afternoon, keeping the low clouds and fog to a minimum.

I made a change to the 7 Day forecast this evening for Thursday.  It appears that the upper-level low presently sitting down in California will “kick out” to the northeast at that time, spinning plenty of moisture up through eastern Oregon.  Our 00z RPM and the 00z WRF-GFS both show a lot of cloud cover and maybe even a few showers west of the Cascades from that.  After the Friday Forecast Disaster (sunny and 79 vs. cloudy and 67 sound familiar?), it’s much safer to go with the cooler and cloud option.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen