A New Week

September 13, 2010

Sharon McCormack sent this picture in this evening. She lives on the White Salmon Bluff, with a great view across the Columbia River.

Considering it was such a boring weather day, it was real nice to see a LITTLE weather action this evening.  Thunderstorms fired up across Central Oregon, then moved north and east, continuing well after dark.  In fact this was probably only the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) time this summer we were able to see any flashes of lightning after dark.  Geez, do we have boring summer weather or what!  Thankfully we can do other things in our beautiful region while enjoying the boring weather.  For example the picture above is the sunset view from someone’s deck in White Salmon.

Moving on, the 7 day forecast needed some serious surgery when I came in this afternoon.  A deep upper-low is going to set up off the West Coast the 2nd half of the week.  It appears to send an upper level disturbance up over us Wednesday night, then a 2nd stronger wave and surface low comes up along the Coast Friday.  Either one could be real juicy; my money is on the 2nd.  The big picture?  It’s going to get wet, so cover up any projects you have outside by Wednesday afternoon.

I started looking at La Nina details today.  I had compiled quite a little database of the last 20 La Nina events and their effects on our area.  Too bad the last two La Ninas didn’t actually produce measurable snowfall in Portland (at PDX).  I forgot about that.  Of course it was far different in the hills wasn’t it?

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen