Lenticular Cloud Photo

September 6, 2010

Kathy Kopacek caught this great photo of a lenticular cloud over Mt. Hood last Friday afternoon. No, not a mothership, but close.

Weatherwise…I was pretty happy with the weekend forecast; we stayed dry the whole time with just a few sprinkles around (mainly in the hills) Sunday morning.   We really nailed the “cool” part.  Right around 70 all three days.  The only disappointment, if you can call it that, was the ample sunshine today as the clouds stayed just north of us.  Mid 60s were the rule from Kalama north into Western Washington.  If the cloud line would have shifted 50 miles south people would have been complaining about the gray skies.  It was better the way it turned out.

Coming up…more Fall weather, but not TOO much rain.  A cool upper level trough has come out of SE Alaska and is sliding down the coastline towards us today.  The atmosphere looks unstable tomorrow…for the first time in quite awhile we should see vigorous afternoon showers and maybe thunder too.  Not a real crazy day, but the best convective “action” we’ve seen for weeks.

Much quieter Thursday through the weekend; just weak troughing continuing to linger over western North America.  The early Fall cool weather isn’t going away.  If so, then “summer” will have lasted about 2 months this year; early July to early September.  What a change from last year when it lasted twice as long…mid-May to mid-September! 

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen