Improving Weekend Forecast

September 3, 2010

Some very good news from the weather center today.  As I looked at the maps, charts, imagery etc. this afternoon, (far closer than normal due to the big weekend) I noticed two things:

1.  Rain looks very unlikely from Portland south & east Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday.  Rain only appears to be LIKELY north of Tillamook along the coast and north of Kelso in the interior ON Monday.  It’s quite possible no rain falls in the metro area this weekend, and IF we do get showers, it’ll probably be only on Monday.

2.  More sunshine in the forecast…the models clued me in to this, then I checked out the visible satellite imagery to our west.  Notice that the cold front approaching is totally disrupting the low cloud deck now moving onto the Coast.  I mentioned this in the previous post.  This means both tomorrow and Sunday we’ll see at least partly cloudy skies, possibly mostly sunny tomorrow.  Definitely NOT a gloomy and gray weekend ahead.  Now Monday we see more cloud cover due to a system moving onto the Washington coastline, but we appear to be on the very edge of that system.

Check out these images (click for a better view)…the first is the 7am Saturday predicted cloud cover from our 4km. RPM model, the 2nd is the early afternoon.  Notice the mainly sunny skies from the Coast to Eastern Oregon.  Should be a great afternoon!

No change in the forecast for cool temps…even with the sunshine we’ll only just get into the lower 70s after a strong, but dry, cold front sweeps through tonight.  That’s a far cry from the two days in the upper 80s!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen