The Big Chill

Everything proceeded pretty much according to plan today…plenty of sun, then clouds, then sun again.  No showers in our area either.  Amazing how the cold advection just levelled off temps this afternoon.  I found northeast Oregon most interesting.  Temps skyrocketed into the mid-upper 90s at La Grande and Baker City by noon!  Then a massive push with the cold front…northwest wind gusts 40+ mph.  By 5pm (normal high temp time), it was in the mid 70s.

I see Timberline Lodge went from mid 50s last night and this morning down to the upper 30s by dinner time.  It’s going to be real nippy for the Hood To Coast runners tomorrow morning.

No big changes in my thinking for the rest of the 7 Day forecast…cool, but dry through the weekend.  Then an actual front with steady light rain Sunday night into Monday.  That’ll be the first time in about 8 weeks.

As for the “cool” part, clear or mainly clear skies Friday and Saturday night could allow temps in outlying areas down around 40 degrees, with the usual really cold spots (Brush Praire, Orchards, Hillsboro, Vernonia) down into the upper 30s.  I may have to break down and use the heat in August again…I really hate that, it’s unnatural.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. day losing to night
    fall riding summer coattails
    feel it in the air

  2. Battle Ground Brian says:

    18Z GFS output for KTTD – Significantly warmer and drier than 12Z.. Thank goodness!!!

    Average: 76.6 for 16 days (Near Normal)

    Looks like a nice warm spell possible starting after labor day and lasting till end of the 16 day period
    850mb temps of +20 and offshore flow could mean another 90 degree day or two. That is very far out in la la land so nothing to get excited about.

  3. Boydo3 500' North Albany says:

    Anyone check out the big sunspot? Looks like the eye of Sauron!!

  4. WEATHERDAN says:

    At least we have had some summer here in Salem this year. 40 of the last 54 days have reached 80 degrees or warmer. And today is our 56th consecutive day of temperatures reaching at least 70 degrees. Since July 5th Salem has consistently been 3-5 degrees warmer the the Pdx metro with much fewer low clouds. That said it has still been a bummer summer.

  5. W7ENK says:

    Didn’t get to this last night… I didn’t get home until 3am!

    [Milwaukie] 8/26/2010
    72.3°F High
    58.8°F Low
    NW 12.3 mph at 6:35p

  6. Boydo3 500' North Albany says:

    I don’t think one can make any blanket statements about the nice weather being gone for Sept….yet. I remember a couple times going for some week long hikes in September and being really nice and warm. But I also remember being snowed out of the Wallowas and rained out of the Oympics in early September only to have the weather turn nice right afterwards and staying nice thru mid Oct. Forecast models seem to start going thru the fall wavers and flip flop around just like they do in the spring.

  7. WEATHERDAN says:

    The last time we had a summer this cold was 1983. I thought it interesting to note that the majority of times we fail to hit at least 50 days over 80 in Salem the following winter is usually much colder than normal. We are currently at 45 days +80. The following years since 1960 have failed to achieve 50 days +80. 1962, 1963, 1964, 1968, 1976, and 1983. 62-63 was a cold winter, as was 64-65, 68-69, 76-77, and 83-84. Only 63-64 was an mild year and even so it was colder than last years winter. For those of you who love cold and snowy winters I think you will be happy with this one. I was told by OMSI that the “What will Winter be like this year” conference will be on Saturday October 16th at OMSI at 10 AM. See ya there.

    • Rookie says:

      Wasn’t 82-83 a big El Nino year?

    • Washington Observer says:

      Keep us informed about the meeting.
      Winter of 1968-69 was a cold one. I was going to school in Ellensburg that year and the Yakima froze over. I think the pool behind Bonneville dam also froze over.
      I was thinking that was the winter the duck hunters froze on an island in the Columbia River but, I am not sure about that.

    • The winter of ’68, ’69 was one of the bests winters ever for cold and snow. Many record lows were set including the coldest ever reported in the state of Washington (-48° at Mazama and Winthrop on Dec 30th in 1968). In January of 1969, Eugene had nearly 30 inches of snow on the ground…

      I remember it oh so well..lot of missed school days 🙂

    • WEATHERDAN says:

      Yes 82-83 was a big El-Nino year. There seems to be a pattern that after a big El-Nino year we do seem to have a cold following year ie 69-70 El-Nino year, 70-71 cold winter. 77-78 El_Nino year, 78-79 very cold winter. 09-10 El-Nino year, 10-11 ?????

  8. N3EG says:

    What’s next…Septembruary?

  9. Battle Ground Brian says:

    12Z GFS @ KTTD – “An Early October Pattern?” Yikes!!

    5 days in the 50’s for highs. Those could be records.

    16-Days average: 68.2

    • We’ve got some nice days coming up next week. Not all is lost. In fact, this is my favorite time of year for those kind of days…warm afternoons and cool nights..

      The pellet stove is stoked and ready for the season. C’mon winter!


    • Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

      Autumn is going to be in full effect after next Thursday!

  10. Battle Ground Brian says:

    No rain whatsoever at BG Lake this morning

    Low: 47.7

  11. Low of 49° earlier this morning with 0.02″ of rain between 5 and 6am.

    Currently 53.

  12. Punxsutawney (aka HIOPHIL) at work by Sunset High elev ~280' says:

    Don’t do it Mark!!

    Just back away from the heat switch and everything will be ok! Just tough it out, otherwise you’ll hate yourself when it’s 80 next week. 😉

  13. Jeremy says:

    Terminal dusting on its way.

    Mazama – 27 Aug 6:35 am 26f
    Tepee Draw – 27 Aug 6:19 am 27f
    Crescent – 27 Aug 6:32 am 27f
    La Pine 27 Aug 5:47 am 28f

  14. Eugene in vancouver says:

    How’s everybody’s tomatoes doing?

    • k5mitch says:

      Cherry toms doing OK but the others are “GREEN”… 😦

    • PaulO says:

      Small and Green w/ a handful of small ripe ones buried here and there. Huge bushes though 🙂

    • Aleta-West Gresham says:

      Some ripe Cherry tomatoes but the regular ones… Might try that apple trick!

    • Washington Observer says:

      Dead and green.
      I wasn’t home the other night to cover them when it got down to 33 degrees.
      Never fails.
      The prunes on our German prune tree are like little hard rocks.

    • I suspect I’ll be frying my ‘maters this year. . . . 😉

    • Joshua says:

      Plentiful, but green. I do have one red cherry tomato. The peppers are also bountiful, but green.

    • Punxsutawney (aka HIOPHIL) at work by Sunset High elev ~280' says:

      Reduced crop overall. Picked some Romanos last night that were red. Otherwise everything is green except some of the yellow tomatoes. Hot peppers have gone nowhere this summer.

      I have a bumper crop of cucumbers and beans this year though.

    • Punxsutawney (aka HIOPHIL) at work by Sunset High elev ~280' says:

      I should add that since 1996 I have never had the least bit of trouble getting my tomatoes to ripen out here. This is the first time.

    • Kirstin in the Couv says:

      I feel soooo much better reading these!! My poor green tomatoes just don’t want to ripen…I get them here and there, but lots of green still. Plants look awesome, just won’t ripen!! Peppers too!

    • The two things I have to help ripen if they are at the size you want:
      1. Quit watering them, puts more energy into getting ripe instead of bigger.
      2. Pull plants out of the ground and hang them upside down somewhere under cover.

      I do not grow them so I have have not verified success rate, just a couple options I have heard about.

    • W7ENK says:

      Not well. 😦

  15. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Waking up to wet streets and rain this morning.

    Hit a low of 47 before the clouds rolled in, 51 and light rain currently.

    • Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

      Same here… It was so nice to wake up to cool air and wet streets. There was a freshness to the start of the day today.

  16. Kyle says:

    Actually YoWindow doesn’t do Silverton. That was my Oregon Craptific that is 50F

  17. Kyle says:

    According to the neat visual weather program called YoWindow

    Salem is 48 AND I am 50.

    That’s temperature not age: 🙂

  18. Kyle says:

    So THAT’S what you call it when August and October seem like one?

  19. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Sure is chilly. KHIO’s high was 69F today. 20+ mph gusts were recorded throughout the afternoon. Definitely more of a Aug-tober-ish feeling to the weather.

    Still no rain.

  20. Battle Ground Brian says:

    Quillayute, Wa just had a heavy shower.

    0.18″ in 30 minutes

  21. Battle Ground Brian says:

    00Z GFS Guidance for KTTD – A typical Late September pattern.

    16 Day average High: 71.5

    Major roller coaster with temperatures next week.
    Calling for highs of 60 monday warming to 87 thurs. and back down to the 60’s for labor day weekend. 😦

    • Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

      It’s labor day weekend… It’s going to be cold and wet or brutally hot; not too often we get comfy weather for the holiday.

      Last Labor Day weekend we had an amazing thunderstorm roll over Fort Stevens/Astoria. We had monsoonal rain until late in the morning. I loved it!

  22. Battle Ground Brian says:

    Don’t forget Yacolt.. They were 35 just 3 nights ago.

    Also, Timber Junction.. Those are my top two picks for the earliest freeze in PDX CWA.

    • Punxsutawney (aka HIOPHIL) at work by Sunset High elev ~280' says:


      Timber Junction is good for both early and late season low temps.

  23. Rich says:

    But Al G. said it was getting warmer. Now who are we gonna believe? Mark or Al? I guess we have to go with Mark on this one. :)s/o

  24. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    Thank you Mark. I’m guessing our Canadian house guest will be comfortable for their visit the next few days! 😉

  25. Indeed it does look cool for Saturday night here if it stays clear…


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