Hot Weather Ahead

July 6, 2010

A bit late this evening, but not a whole lot to say.  Hot weather still on tap.  Surprised Tillamook was able to make it to 88 degrees today.  Warming 850mb temps and easterly flow that makes it all the way to the beaches should push most spots to 90 or above out there.

A good 6-10 degree jump in the highs inland tomorrow as our flow turns more easterly.  Right now we already have more easterly gradient through the Gorge than we had earlier today; a good indicator of a much stronger east wind for Wednesday.   In the warm season east wind episodes the gradient is always strongest in the morning and then relaxes in the afternoons as the Columbia Basin heats up and pressures drop over there.  Then it recovers at night (as it is now).  Anyway, I digress; it’s going to be real hot tomorrow…that’s the point.

I will admit I’m a bit worried about tomorrow’s high temp, but don’t want to be a Nervous Nellie.  A high of 91-92 wouldn’t surprise me at PDX if the wind averages over 15 mph…but the 98 on Thursday still looks good as the wind dies down in the afternoon.

Okay, now discuss.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen