Weather Conference

June 24, 2010

Here’s a nice shot of part of downtown Miami from an island in Biscayne Bay.  That’s where I am for 4 days, along with about 170 other television meteorologists for the AMS Broadcasters Conference.  It’s a yearly event held in different parts of the country.  These events are always educational where ideas are traded and minds are refreshed.  We also get training on our respective weather systems too.  Tonight was a social event down at Bob Baron’s timeshare house; he’s the great guy that owns Baron Radar systems in Alabama.  They are in charge of upgrading all the USA NWS radars the next few years, and supply radars to TV stations as well.  A nice view from the dock don’t you think?  The funny thing is you can cross the whole country, then end up talking to two other weather people from Portland more than you do when you’re only 5 miles from them!  I think that’s because there are no distractions of work, family, etc…at a conference.  It’s ungodly hot during the day here…around 90 with baking sunshine and extremely humid (ocean is 85 degrees!).  Evenings are perfect with a quick drop down to lows around 80 degrees.  Nice with a gusty easterly trade wind.  No thunderstorms yet, which is unusual for late June.  This is their wet season (9″ for the month).  The people watching is incredible in Miami Beach…pretty much the variety that one would expect!  Last June the conference was in Portland, next year is either Norman, OK (radar!) or Burlington, VT.

Looks like I’m missing the arrival of summer at home, at least it’ll still be there on Sunday when I get back!   Enjoy the nice weather.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen